China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd

BankCompany HQ: China
Industry Sector
Services, Power
Castle Peak Power Co Ltd
Castle Peak Power Finance Co Ltd
China Southern Power Grid International Co Ltd
Vinh Tan 1 Power Co Ltd

Companies financed byBanks that financed China Southern Power Grid Co Ltd

Loans given in 2021/2022/2023
Underwriting services provided in 2021/2022/2023

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HQ 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China $472M $469M $139M $1,080M $1,080M
Bank of China China $559M $179M $145M $883M $39M $39M $922M
Agricultural Bank of China China $391M $440M $830M $830M
Industrial Bank Company China $283M $166M $253M $702M $702M
China Everbright Group China $139M $180M $156M $475M $475M
CITIC China $242M $179M $5M $427M $427M
China Construction Bank China $62M $256M $33M $352M $352M
Bank of Ningbo China $185M $86M $24M $295M $295M
Bank of Communications China $31M $195M $24M $250M $250M
China International Capital Corporation China $160M $68M $2M $230M $230M
CSC Financial China $129M $83M $5M $217M $217M
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank China $77M $6M $73M $155M $155M
China Bohai Bank China $78M $71M $149M $149M
China Merchants Bank China $46M $102M $148M $148M
Postal Savings Bank of China China $62M $78M $140M $140M
Ping An Insurance Group China $39M $64M $2M $104M $104M
Hua Xia Bank China $101M $101M $101M
Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank China $76M $76M $76M
China Guangfa Bank China $48M $23M $72M $72M
Shenwan Hongyuan Group China $40M $5M $45M $45M
Industrial Securities China $40M $5M $45M $45M
Donghai Securities China $40M $5M $45M $45M
First Capital Securities China $40M $5M $45M $45M
China Zheshang Bank China $40M $3M $44M $44M
Guosen Securities China $35M $5M $40M $40M
Bank of Changsha China $29M $5M $33M $33M
Guotai Junan Securities China $31M $31M $31M
Orient Securities China $24M $5M $29M $29M
Quanzhou City Commercial Bank China $28M $28M $28M
Northeast Securities United States $19M $5M $24M $24M
Minmetals Securities China $13M $5M $18M $18M
Bank of Jiujiang China $13M $3M $16M $16M
Bank of Hangzhou China $15M $15M $15M
Huaxi Securities China $12M $12M $12M
Shanxi Financial Investment China $6M $2M $8M $8M
GF Group China $6M $6M $6M
China Minsheng Banking China $6M $6M $6M