Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd

BankCompany HQ: China
Industry Sector
Power, Services, Mining
Power, Mining

Companies financed byBanks that financed Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd

Loans given in 2021/2022/2023
Underwriting services provided in 2021/2022/2023

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HQ 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
Bank of Tianjin China $104M $520M $102M $726M $726M
CITIC China $6M $146M $520M $673M $673M
Bank of Nanjing China $309M $331M $640M $640M
China International Capital Corporation China $64M $219M $312M $595M $595M
Ping An Insurance Group China $387M $158M $545M $545M
China Merchants Bank China $53M $333M $91M $477M $477M
Industrial Bank Company China $233M $109M $342M $342M
Evergrowing Bank China $154M $123M $278M $278M
CSC Financial China $6M $151M $114M $271M $271M
Guotai Junan Securities China $69M $172M $241M $241M
Bank of Beijing China $108M $104M $212M $212M
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank China $75M $105M $180M $180M
Bank of Jiangsu China $78M $79M $12M $168M $168M
Hengfeng Bank China $155M $155M $155M
China Everbright Group China $85M $57M $141M $141M
Bank of Ningbo China $6M $79M $85M $85M
GF Group China $84M $84M $84M
China Minsheng Banking China $70M $70M $70M
Agricultural Bank of China China $57M $57M $57M
Bank of China China $53M $53M $53M
China Construction Bank China $49M $49M $49M
Zhongtai Securities China $37M $37M $37M
Shenwan Hongyuan Group China $6M $24M $30M $30M
Postal Savings Bank of China China $24M $24M $24M
China Zheshang Bank China $6M $6M $6M
Industrial Securities China $6M $6M $6M
Donghai Securities China $6M $6M $6M
Bank of Changsha China $6M $6M $6M
Jinshang Bank China $6M $6M $6M
Bank of Jiujiang China $6M $6M $6M
Quanzhou City Commercial Bank China $6M $6M $6M
Jiangxi Jiangnan Trust & Investment China $6M $6M $6M
Huarong Xiangjiang Bank China $6M $6M $6M
Fudian Bank China $6M $6M $6M