Shenergy (Group) Co Ltd

BankCompany HQ: China
Industry Sector
Shenergy Co Ltd
Shenergy Wuzhong Thermal Power Co Ltd
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co Ltd
Huaibei Shenwan Power Generation Co Ltd

Companies financed byBanks that financed Shenergy (Group) Co Ltd

Loans given in 2021/2022/2023
Underwriting services provided in 2021/2022/2023

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Current selection: companies receivedbanks provided a total of $ M in loans and underwriting

HQ 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
China Merchants Bank China $150M $310M $98M $558M $558M
Bank of Communications China $291M $98M $66M $455M $455M
Bank of Ningbo China $347M $22M $22M $391M $391M
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank China $244M $120M $364M $364M
Orient Securities China $20M $128M $147M $147M
Bank of Shanghai China $43M $45M $44M $132M $132M
China Guangfa Bank China $128M $128M $128M
Agricultural Bank of China China $20M $105M $125M $125M
Industrial Bank Company China $81M $81M $81M
Bank of Hangzhou China $67M $67M $67M
China International Capital Corporation China $18M $39M $57M $57M
Guotai Junan Securities China $18M $39M $57M $57M
CITIC China $2M $44M $46M $46M
Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank China $18M $16M $35M $35M
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China $20M $20M $20M
China Construction Bank China $20M $20M $20M
China Minsheng Banking China $20M $20M $20M
Bank of China China $19M $19M $19M
Hua Xia Bank China $16M $16M $16M
China Everbright Group China $1M $1M $1M
CSC Financial China $1M $1M $1M
Ping An Insurance Group China $1M $1M $1M
Shenwan Hongyuan Group China $1M $1M $1M
China Zheshang Bank China $1M $1M $1M
Industrial Securities China $1M $1M $1M
Donghai Securities China $1M $1M $1M
First Capital Securities China $1M $1M $1M