State Grid Corp of China (SGCC)

BankCompany HQ: China
Industry Sector
State Grid Europe Development 214 PLC
State Grid Overseas Investment 214 Ltd
SGSP (Australia) Assets Pty Ltd

Companies financed byBanks that financed State Grid Corp of China (SGCC)

Loans given in 2021/2022/2023
Underwriting services provided in 2021/2022/2023

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HQ 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China China $4,172M $4,934M $805M $9,911M $9,911M
Bank of Communications China $2,443M $3,039M $709M $6,191M $6,191M
Agricultural Bank of China China $3,920M $1,620M $363M $5,903M $5,903M
Hua Xia Bank China $1,860M $1,773M $362M $3,995M $3,995M
Bank of Ningbo China $1,497M $1,802M $3,298M $3,298M
China Everbright Group China $1,203M $848M $712M $2,762M $2,762M
Bank of Shanghai China $1,834M $517M $2,351M $2,351M
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank China $1,220M $778M $209M $2,207M $2,207M
Industrial Bank Company China $1,260M $598M $1,858M $1,858M
China Construction Bank China $20M $20M $1,131M $148M $442M $1,720M $1,741M
CITIC China $1,426M $179M $1,605M $1,605M
Bank of Beijing China $196M $488M $434M $1,117M $1,117M
Ping An Insurance Group China $918M $77M $995M $995M
China Merchants Bank China $406M $520M $926M $926M
Bank of China China $20M $20M $162M $345M $507M $528M
China Guangfa Bank China $314M $314M $314M
China Minsheng Banking China $19M $256M $275M $275M
Westpac Australia $46M $46M $58M $58M $116M $162M
CSC Financial China $39M $87M $125M $125M
Shenwan Hongyuan Group China $39M $87M $125M $125M
China Zheshang Bank China $39M $87M $125M $125M
Industrial Securities China $39M $87M $125M $125M
Donghai Securities China $39M $87M $125M $125M
ANZ Australia $46M $46M $37M $28M $65M $111M
First Capital Securities China $19M $87M $105M $105M
HSBC United Kingdom $98M $98M $98M
Orient Securities China $19M $77M $96M $96M
Mizuho Financial Group Inc Japan $20M $20M $42M $42M $63M
Guosen Securities China $33M $9M $42M $42M
Guotai Junan Securities China $33M $33M $33M
China Galaxy Securities China $33M $33M $33M
Zhongtai Securities China $33M $33M $33M
Yingda Securities China $33M $33M $33M
China International Capital Corporation China $20M $9M $30M $30M
Bank of Changsha China $20M $9M $30M $30M
Bank of Jiujiang China $20M $9M $30M $30M
Citigroup United States $25M $25M $25M
Santander Spain $25M $25M $25M
DBS Singapore $25M $25M $25M
Jinshang Bank China $20M $20M $20M
Quanzhou City Commercial Bank China $20M $20M $20M
Jiangxi Jiangnan Trust & Investment China $20M $20M $20M
SMBC Group Japan $18M $18M $18M
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Japan $15M $15M $15M
Bank of America United States $15M $15M $15M
Goldman Sachs United States $15M $15M $15M
BNP Paribas France $15M $15M $15M
Deutsche Bank Germany $15M $15M $15M
Societe Generale France $15M $15M $15M
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) Spain $15M $15M $15M
Credit Agricole France $15M $15M $15M
Groupe BPCE France $15M $15M $15M
Huarong Xiangjiang Bank China $10M $10M $10M
Fudian Bank China $10M $10M $10M
Minmetals Securities China $9M $9M $9M
Northeast Securities United States $9M $9M $9M