PPL Corp

BankCompany HQ: USA
Industry Sector
Kentucky Utilities Co
PPL Capital Funding Inc
LG&E and KU Energy LLC
Louisville Gas & Electric Co

Companies financed byBanks that financed PPL Corp

Loans given in 2021/2022/2023
Underwriting services provided in 2021/2022/2023

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HQ 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
Royal Bank of Canada Canada $39M $36M $75M $163M $80M $243M $318M
Truist Financial United States $39M $108M $25M $172M $98M $98M $270M
BMO Financial Group Canada $39M $36M $75M $163M $28M $191M $266M
Scotiabank Canada $39M $36M $75M $163M $163M $238M
US Bancorp United States $39M $154M $25M $218M $218M
Wells Fargo United States $49M $58M $108M $98M $98M $206M
JPMorgan Chase United States $49M $58M $108M $92M $92M $200M
PNC Financial Services United States $39M $108M $36M $182M $182M
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Japan $39M $36M $75M $98M $98M $173M
Morgan Stanley United States $39M $36M $75M $92M $92M $167M
Goldman Sachs United States $39M $25M $64M $98M $98M $162M
UBS Switzerland $39M $36M $75M $80M $80M $155M
Mizuho Financial Group Inc Japan $49M $58M $108M $8M $8M $116M
Bank of America United States $49M $58M $108M $8M $8M $116M
Barclays United Kingdom $49M $58M $108M $108M
Bank of New York Mellon United States $23M $30M $54M $28M $28M $81M
CIBC Canada $39M $36M $75M $3M $3M $78M
Toronto-Dominion Bank Canada $23M $19M $43M $28M $28M $70M
Santander Spain $23M $30M $54M $3M $3M $57M
Huntington Bancshares United States $23M $30M $54M $54M
FNB Corporation United States $23M $30M $54M $54M
Shank Williams Cisneros & Co United States $6M $6M $6M
Academy Securities United States $6M $6M $6M
Mischler Financial Group United States $6M $6M $6M
MFR United States $6M $6M $6M
Amerivet Securities Inc United States $6M $6M $6M