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HQ Expansion 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
Duke Energy CorpDuke Capital Finance Trust I, Duke Capital Finance Trust II, Duke Energy Capital Trust II, Duke Energy Carolinas LLC, Duke Energy Florida LLC, Duke Energy Florida Project Finance LLC, Duke Energy Indiana Inc, Duke Energy Progress LLC, PROGRESS CAPITAL HOLDINGS INC, Progress Energy Inc, Duke Energy Kentucky Inc, Duke Energy Ohio Inc USA $132M $102M $71M $304M $52M $51M $94M $196M $500M
American Electric Power Co Inc (AEP)Appalachian Power Co, CSW CREDIT INC, Indiana Michigan Power Co, Kentucky Power Co, Ohio Power Co, Ohio Valley Electric Corp, Southwestern Electric Power Co, SWEPCo Capital Trust I, Wheeling Power Co, Public Service Co of Oklahoma, AEP Generating Co, SWEPCO Capital I USA $49M $165M $10M $224M $50M $17M $59M $127M $351M
The Southern CoAlabama Power Capital Trust III, Alabama Power Capital Trust I, Georgia Power Capital LP, Georgia Power Capital Trust, Georgia Power Capital Trust II, Georgia Power Capital Trust III, Georgia Power Capital Trust V, Georgia Power Capital Trust VI, Georgia Power Capital Trust VII, Georgia Power Co, Mississippi Power Capital Trust II, Mississippi Power Co, Southern Co Capital Funding Inc, Southern Co Capital Trust I, Southern Co Capital Trust II, Southern Co Capital Trust III, Southern Co Capital Trust IV, Southern Co Capital Trust V, Southern Co Capital Trust VI, Alabama Power Capital Trust V, Alabama Power Capital Trust II, Alabama Power Co, Southern Co Gas Capital Corp USA $47M $26M $79M $152M $80M $49M $57M $186M $338M
Berkshire Hathaway Energy CoBridger Coal Co, MidAmerican Funding LLC, PacifiCorp Capital Corp, PacifiCorp Capital I, PacifiCorp Capital II, PacifiCorp Financial Services Inc, Trapper Mining Inc, Sierra Pacific Power Co, MidAmerican Energy Co, PacifiCorp USA $47M $55M $211M $313M $313M
PPL CorpKentucky Utilities Co, PPL Capital Funding Inc, LG&E and KU Energy LLC, Louisville Gas & Electric Co USA $39M $108M $36M $182M $182M
The AES CorpAES Argentina Generacion SA, AES Mong Duong Power Co Ltd, AES Ohio, AES Indiana, Empresa Electrica Angamos SpA, Empresa Electrica Cochrane SpA, AES Bulgaria BV, AES Andes SA, DPL Inc, AES Mong Duong Finance Holdings BV, DPL Capital Trust II USA $90M $53M $143M $37M $37M $180M
CenterPoint Energy IncVectren LLC, Houston Industries Financeco LP, Vectren Capital Corp, Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Co USA $36M $36M $72M $92M $92M $164M
Evergy IncEvergy Metro Inc, Evergy Missouri West Inc, Aquila Capital LP, Evergy Kansas South Inc, Evergy Kansas Central Inc USA $48M $64M $112M $13M $21M $33M $145M
CMS Energy CorpConsumers Energy Co Finance II, Consumers Energy Co Finance IV, Consumers Energy Co, Consumers Power Co Financing I, Consumers Energy Co Finance III USA $12M $75M $87M $18M $17M $34M $122M
WEC Energy Group IncWE Power LLC, Elm Road Generating Station Supercritical LLC, Wisconsin Public Service Corp, Wisconsin Electric Power Co USA $28M $28M $44M $26M $20M $91M $118M
Lincoln Electric System USA $25M $89M $113M $113M
NACCO Industries IncThe North American Coal Corp, Coyote Creek Mining Co LLC, Mississippi Lignite Mining Co, The Coteau Properties Co, The Falkirk Mining Co, The Sabine Mining Co USA $97M $97M $97M
XCEL Energy IncNorthern States Power Co, Southwestern Public Service Capital I, Public Service Co of Colorado, Southwestern Public Service Co USA $31M $31M $8M $20M $37M $66M $97M
CONSOL Energy IncPA Mining Complex LP, CONSOL Marine Terminals LLC, Consol Funding LLC USA Power $48M $35M $83M $83M
DTE Energy CoDTE CAPITAL CORP, DTE Electric Co USA $6M $31M $36M $12M $32M $44M $81M
Pinnacle West Capital CorpArizona Public Service Co USA $17M $45M $62M $11M $11M $74M
Basin Electric Power CooperativeDakota Coal Co, Dakota Gasification Co USA $31M $31M $34M $34M $65M
FirstEnergy CorpGPU CAPITAL INC, Monongahela Power Co, Signal Peak Energy LLC, Global Mining Holding Co LLC, Global Coal Sales Group LLC, Global Mining Group LLC USA $14M $36M $50M $11M $11M $60M
OGE Energy CorpOG & E Financing I, Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co USA $19M $19M $8M $45M $14M $14M $59M
Ameren CorpUnion Electric Co USA $28M $26M $54M $54M
Dominion Energy IncVirginia Electric and Power Co, Dominion Energy South Carolina Inc USA $22M $22M $13M $19M $31M $54M
Hallador Energy CoSunrise Coal LLC, Hallador Power Co LLC USA $23M $29M $53M $53M
NiSource IncNIPSCO CAPITAL MARKETS INC, NISOURCE CAPITAL MARKETS INC, NiSource Finance Corp, Northern Indiana Public Service Co LLC USA $23M $14M $37M $7M $7M $43M
Alliance Resource Partners LPAlliance Coal LLC, Mount Vernon Transfer Terminal LLC, Alliance Resource Operating Partners LP, River View Coal LCC USA Mining $40M $40M $40M
Buckeye Power IncOhio Valley Electric Corp USA $10M $25M $35M $35M
Ohio Valley Electric Corp USA $30M $30M $30M
Fortis IncUNS Energy Corp, Tucson Electric Power Co Canada $6M $6M $11M $17M $17M $28M
CSX Corp USA $13M $13M $8M $2M $11M $23M
American Municipal Power Inc USA $20M $20M $20M
Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLCBNSF Railway Co USA $8M $5M $7M $19M $19M
MDU Resources Group IncMontana-Dakota Utilities Co USA $10M $10M $10M
Wabash Valley Power Association Inc USA $6M $6M $6M