Korea Electric Power Corp (KEPCO)

BankCompany HQ: South Korea
Industry Sector
Power, Services, Mining
OneEnergy Asia Ltd
Goseong Green Power Co Ltd
KEPCO Philippines Corp
Korea East-West Power Co Ltd
Korea Midland Power Co Ltd
Korea Southern Power Co Ltd
Korea Western Power Co Ltd
Nghi Son 2 Power LLC
PT Tanjung Power Indonesia
SPC Power Corp
PT Cirebon Electric Power
PT Cirebon Energi Prasarana
KEPCO Philippines Holdings Inc
KEPCO SPC Power Corp
PT Cirebon Power Services
PT Indo Raya Tenaga
PT Bayan Resources Tbk
Vung Ang II Thermal Power LLC
Korea South-East Power Co Ltd

Companies financed byBanks that financed Korea Electric Power Corp (KEPCO)

Loans given in 2021/2022/2023
Underwriting services provided in 2021/2022/2023

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Current selection: companies receivedbanks provided a total of $ M in loans and underwriting

HQ 2021 2022 2023 Loans 2021 2022 2023 Underwriting Total
Mirae Asset Financial Group South Korea $204M $238M $202M $644M $644M
Kyobo Life Insurance South Korea $343M $32M $65M $439M $439M
SK Securities South Korea $368M $4M $372M $372M
Citigroup United States $70M $75M $212M $356M $356M
Korea Investment Holdings South Korea $70M $80M $178M $327M $327M
KB Financial Group South Korea $173M $28M $112M $313M $313M
DB Financial Investment South Korea $148M $84M $232M $232M
Mizuho Financial Group Inc Japan $212M $212M $212M
UBS Switzerland $50M $75M $69M $194M $194M
Hanyang Securities South Korea $166M $4M $8M $178M $178M
Bank of America United States $150M $150M $150M
Shinhan Financial Group South Korea $47M $8M $70M $125M $125M
NongHyup Financial South Korea $61M $37M $5M $103M $103M
CAPE Investment & Securities Co South Korea $75M $75M $75M
HSBC United Kingdom $70M $70M $70M
JPMorgan Chase United States $69M $69M $69M
Nomura Japan $62M $62M $62M
KTB Investment & Securities South Korea $30M $30M $30M
Credit Agricole France $20M $20M $20M
BNK Financial Group South Korea $15M $15M $15M
Taekwang Group South Korea $6M $8M $14M $14M
Hyundai Motor Securities South Korea $12M $12M $12M
Bookook Securities South Korea $12M $12M $12M
Meritz Financial Group South Korea $11M $11M $11M
Hana Financial South Korea $6M $4M $10M $10M
Eugene Investment & Securities South Korea $9M $9M $9M
Industrial Bank of Korea South Korea $8M $8M $8M
Kiwoom Securities South Korea $6M $6M $6M